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PLAN OF THE SANTOS DUMONT VI. diagram of air ship number 6

1, Balloon; 2, (dotted line) inner balloon, or ballonnet; 3, line of hooks
from which the framework hangs; 4, framework; 5, propeller; 6, rudder; 7,
motor; 8, air pump; 9, tube for inflating the inner balloon; 10, water tank
and radiator; 11, fuel tank; 12, car; 13, points at which the balloon ran
be torn open in case of emergency; 14, maneuvering valve; 15, automatic
valves of the balloon; 16, automatic valve of the inner balloon; 17,
steering wheel; 18, (dotted line), rudder rope; 19, guide rope; 20, rope
controlling the guide rope; 21, driving wheels; 22, head of propeller
shaft; 23, igniting battery.

air ship wreckage

At St. Cloud, last summer, I saw the young man returning from a spin
through space with the Santos Dumont V.

the balloon was at the mercy of the wind.

The envelope of the balloon is strong

after the balloon has reached the ground.

From the upper part of the balloon run

conducted to the aƫronaut by means of pulleys

rip open the balloon

the interior of the balloon proper is fastened a smaller balloon

The balloon itself is provided with two

The voyage was made at the rate of more than thirteen miles an hour.

"All that I have accomplished," he modestly says, "in all my experiments,
in which I have wrecked five air ships, is to be able with tolerable
certainty, in fine weather and with a mild breeze, to start from a given
point and navigate through the air in any direction, right or left, up or
down. To anything more than this I have no pretensions. We are at the
beginning of the problem, which, however, I am absolutely confident will
some day, be solved on the lines I have been patiently following."

"The chief difficulty will not be in building air ships, but in finding men
to navigate them

"the successful
steerer of a balloon like mine must be more than an aƫronaut; he must
be an automobilist as well, and must understand the motor thoroughly. It
takes much study and experience."

It would be rash to fix a date

the deflation of the balloon
is not warped by visions

through space just as ships

In all the years that men have sought to navigate the air
ascension in the familiar spherical balloon

the slender framework supporting the motor

 downward three hundred feet to destruction.
 in safety they cheered.
 One of the coupling wires had become
 It was a most dangerous thing to try
 to free it

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